Easton Children's Theatre

Rehearsal Schedules

      There are two casts for the Spring show.  One cast rehearses on Tuesday evenings and the other on Wednesday evenings. The length of an actor's rehearsal depends on what character he/she is playing, usually ranging from one hour to two hours per week.  When full cast rehearsals begin a few weeks before the show, the entire cast rehearses for two and a half hours either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.  The Tuesday cast has dress rehearsals on the Monday and Tuesday before the show, and the Wednesday cast has dress rehearsals on the Wednesday and Thursday before the show.  

        Each cast performs in two shows.  The Tuesday cast performs Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The Wednesday cast performs Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. However, if someone from the other cast is unable to appear because of an emergency, the person who plays that character in the other cast is expected to fill in for them.