Easton Children's Theatre


Anyone Age 9 to 18 from any town may audition. 
No preparation or previous experience is necessary.
Parents must also come to sign in at the audition.

Information for Auditioners and Parents

Easton Children's Theatre is a non-profit community theatre. Our ambition is to utilize the talents in our community to put on a performance of superior quality. We believe that both children and their parents will take great pride in being a part of this kind of production. We want to leave our audience with the feeling they have enjoyed a truly "professional" show.


Because we are aiming at a very high quality performance, two things must be emphasized: First, actors chosen for the show must attend ALL scheduled rehearsals. This is a top priority and a serious responsibility for everyone involved. Please note on the audition form what your availability will be.


Every parent must assist in the production. Without parent participation, this kind of production would be impossible. Parents will be given a list of activities from which to choose. Parent commitment forms must be filled out at the time of the audition.


All of the auditioners chosen for a part in the show are required to pay a $125 participation fee, which covers the cost of the stage rental, scripts, rehearsal CDs, the cast party, and a free professional quality DVD of the show.


Everyone who has been cast in a part, will be notified by email usually one to two days after the auditions. Because of the large number of kids who audition, we are unable to call those who were not cast in the show. Participation fees are due at the first rehearsal. Parents should accompany their kids to that first rehearsal, as well as to the audition itself.


Rehearsals will be one evening, 1 to 2 hours between 5 PM and 8:30 PM on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Dress rehearsals are the week before the shows: the Tuesday cast has dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday and the Wednesday cast has rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday on the week of the shows.


      We would love to be able to use everyone who auditions. However, if we have too many kids in one particular age group, that may not be possible. If you are not chosen for this show, we hope you will try out for our next production, since the needs of each show vary quite a bit. Good Luck!


AUDITION HINTS: Speak Slowly. Speak Loudly!! Use a lot of expression and gestures.

SING LOUDLY! Singing is judged both on volume and accuracy of pitch.